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Kung Fu in Bendigo

Why Learn Wing Chun?

There are many benefits to learning Wing Chun. Here are just a few, but you can discover how Wing Chun can help your life with our FREE TRIAL lesson ...

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese art form, which develops self confidence, awareness and is a vessel for self discovery.


Of course Wing Chun is an extremely effective method of self defence, however there are so many more benefits to learning this special martial art. Wing Chun Kung Fu helps us to learn to focus and concentrate, to develop self discipline, goal setting  and a commitment to self improvement.

The health benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu are most appealing .. improved body control, coordination and balance are just the beginning. Wing Chun Kung Fu helps develop your general fitness, circulation, breathing, flexibility, mental and optical awareness, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, postural alignment and so much more.

 Wing Chun is not a heavy physical excersise like many martial arts, so it can be practiced into old age, and you WILL get better with age. Similar to Tai Chi, Wing Chun is good for increasing blood flow to the body, and is a relaxed exercise.

As we age, all of these benefits are more fully realised. Having a good ability to focus, brings benefits throughout your life.


Learning body mechanics, coordination and balance are very useful as we grow older, allowing us to age with full control over our bodies. Similarly, with good posture we can grow older in the right shape in our spines, allowing more freedom of movement in later life. Wing Chun Kung Fu is more than just self defence and is truly an art-form for life.

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