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Jee Shin Wing Chun offers competition forms and sparring at the ISKA and Victorian State Kung Fu Championship competitions against martial artists from other disciplines ... 

Wing Chun Tournaments ..


  • Our Bendigo and Greensborough branches both field teams of fighters to compete in the ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) competitions, as well as the Victorian Kung Fu Championships.


  • The ISKA tournaments are held using the Sport Karate rule set, which is somewhat different to our Wing Chun practices. There is no kicking below the waist, no sweeps, trips, throws or stand-up grappling.


  • The rule set for the Victorian Kung Fu Championship is based on Sanda, (Chinese kick boxing). Under these rules, we are able to deploy many of our Wing Chun techniques such as trapping, grappling, tripping and throwing the opponent to the ground.


  • By competing against other martial arts, we truly test our skills in the open arena.

  • Sifu Garry has also trained / prepared several fighters for their inaugural Kick Boxing Event. The Jee Shin Wing Chun Fight Club has presented itself in over 20 full contact Muay Thai and Kick Boxing events with only several losses.

  • The Traditional Wing Chun fighting system is very efficient in all types of Competition. Wing Chun is extremely adaptable because it is based on concepts and principles, so we can adapt very easily. Traditional Wing Chun has very efficient foot work as well

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