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Sifu Linda Baniecki

Sifu Linda Baniecki is one of the most experienced practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Australia with over 25 years of teaching and practising this ancient Chinese fighting art ..

Sifu Linda became involved in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1990 and studied under the guidance of William Cheung and David Cheung for 5 years full time.

Sifu Linda has also studied with 2 Chinese Qi-Gong masters for ten years, covering medical qi-gong therapy shaolin hard qi-gong, tai chi, baqua and self-healing.

Linda was also one of a few select students who studied weekly private classes with William Cheung, for 12 months.


Linda is also a state champion in open black belt forms, synchronised forms and 2004 state champion in Kumite fighting.


Linda has taught the Australian Army empty hand unarmed self-defence, in 1995. Linda has also trained with masters from southern China.

Sifu Linda is a full time instructor with Jee Shin Wing Chun in Greensborough and Abbortsford and makes regular trips to Bendigo to supervise training.

Linda has trained many Australian and state champions and is a government accredited martial arts sports coach and fitness Instructor.

Sifu Linda Baniecki - Jee Shin Wing Chun Bendigo
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