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Would you like your child to learn self defence, as well as life skills like discipline, self confidence, motor skills, helping others, listening and concentrations skills?

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu classes for children from 8-14 years old are held in Bendigo at 5:45pm - 6:45pm every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Kids gives children a great sense of accomplishment as they progress through the coloured sash levels. The grading structure is identical to the adults with gradings occurring on average about every 6 months for the 5-14 year olds.


Objectives of Martial Arts Training

  • to develop co ordination and enhance motor skills

  • enhance physical and mental strength

  • to increase balance

  • build confidence and self esteem

  • to build qualities of leadership


Benefits of Martial Arts Training

  • get fit and healthy

  • learn valuable self defence skills

  • burn off excessive energy

  • channel anger

  • motivation leading to success

  • core strength and stability

  • improve concentration

  • develop listening skills

  • social interaction with other kids

  • cultivation of self discipline

  • appreciation of Chinese Culture

Classes are held from 5:45 - 6:45pm​ upstairs at 35 Solomon St, East Bendigo.

Tuition Fee is $45 per month for ONE session per week or

$75 for TWO to THREE sessions per week.

For information on our classes in GREENSBOROUGH .. 

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