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If you are from Bendigo and want to study Martial Arts from Bendigo and Castlemaine area, you should try Wing Chun Kung Fu Bendigo. We also service Elmore, Huntly, Eppalock, Junortoun, Heathcote and many other areas around Bendigo and central victoria.
Wing Chun Bendigo students come from far and wide to do Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu under master instruction.

Wing Chun Bendigo students practising Wrist lock


Come along and watch a class or Call Sifu Paul on 0405 025 977 and enroll in our special beginners courses ..

ADULT  (15 and over) classes are held each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45 to 8:00pm in Bendigo

CHILDRENS  (8-14 years old) classes are held each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5:45 to 6:45pm in Bendigo.

BEGINNER adults are suggested to attend on Monday Nights from 6:45pm-8:00pm - children to any of our Monday, Tuesday or Thursday classes at 5:45pm.

Classes will start with some light exercising and warm-ups to get the blood flowing, then some forms and drills before practicing techniques and self defence.

Wing Chun was designed by a female to defend and overcome larger opponents, so it does not matter what your physique or body type. If you are at least 8 years old, you are welcome to join in.

For information on Class Times in GREENSBOROUGH, click below ..

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