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Jee Shin Wing Chun Bendigo Wooden Dummy

The Wooden Dummy 

         ... the Mook Yan Jong

The Wooden Dummy, or Mook Yan Jong is an essential Jee Shin Wing Chun training tool. All Wing Chun techniques are incorporated in the Jong sequences making it an ideal training partner ..

In the original Shaolin Temple, there was a corridor that consisted of 108 wooden dummies representing 108 different attacking techniques. The monks would move down the hall and practice their defenses and counterattacks on them.


After the Manchus razed the temple three centuries ago, one of the few surviving masters, the nun named Ng Mui, constructed a training device based on the principles of those dummies. The positioning of the three arms and one leg of the wooden dummy was designed for 108 specific techniques parallel to the 108 techniques performed on the original dummies.


Wooden Dummy training helps us develop all the attributes needed to practice wing chun’s avoid-using-force-against-force principle: correct angle (of deflection), balance, accuracy, timing, mobility, positioning, speed, flow and power. Using the Wooden Dummy also promotes conditioning of our hands and limbs.

Even though the dummy is an inanimate object, it can still help us polish our visual and contact reflexes during wing chun training. It does so by teaching us how to execute blocks and strikes in concert with each other, thus making them almost simultaneous parry-and-counter combinations.

The Wooden Dummy is an integral part of our training at Wing Chun Kung Fu Bendigo. We use the Wooden Dummy to practice techniques and attack and defence sequences.


Our Wooden Dummy gives us a training partner who never complains and never quits. We love it!!

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