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Sifu Garry Baniecki

Sifu Garry Baniecki is one of the most experienced practitioners of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Australia with over 30 years of teaching and practising this ancient Chinese fighting art ..

Garry Baniecki is the head instructor of the Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, in Australia.

Sifu Garry teaches Jee Shin Wing Chun full time from both the Abbotsford and Greensborough training centres and makes regular visits to oversee training sessions in Bendigo.


He was introduced to Wing Chun Kung Fu in mid 1986 and for the next 10 years, the last 5 years full time, he devoted his time to studying traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and chinese weapons, under William Cheung and David Cheung, two of the foremost wing chun masters in the world.


Garry has also trained with masters in southern China. Sifu Garry also studied with 3 Chinese Qi-Gong masters for eleven years. In 1993, Sifu Garry had been studying medical Qi Gong for 3 years - 2 years with a Dr. Lee and then 1 year with Dr. Jack Lim.


Then he met a Chinese Shaolin temple certified Qi Gong Master, Dr. Shan Hui Xu, whom introduced Garry to more advanced qi-gong training methods, including Shaolin Iron Shirt Qi Gong. Chinese Qi Gong training dramatically altered his perception on martial arts training and life in general.


More importantly, Dr. Shan Hui Xu introduced Garry to Qi or Chi, (life force energy). From then on, Garry realized that to master and excel in all facets of martial arts training and indeed life, one had to learn and practice Chinese Qi Gong therapy, in conjunction with Kung Fu training. This was necessary to develop and cultivate the mind, body and spirit.

Garry emphasizes that, “Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu is a traditional Kung Fu system originating from the Shaolin temple. Grand Master Jee Shin was the Abbott of the temple and Grandmaster in Kung Fu, Weapons and Iron Shirt Qi Gong.


This association teaches Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin temple philosophies on Chi development, Iron Shirt, Iron Palm Qi Gong training and Chinese Qi Gong meditation and self- healing as well as Weapons and Dim Mak training.”


Sifu Garry specializes in close range, empty hand self-defense protection, and in 1995 taught the Australian Army unarmed combat, and has coached state and Australian champions. Sifu Garry is also a government accredited martial arts sports coach and fitness Instructor. Garry is a state forms champion and was a bare knuckles fighting champion in the 70's.

Sifu Garry Baniecki - Wing Chun Kung Fu Bendigo
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