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2019 Victorian Kung Fu Wushu Championships

The 2019 Victorian Kung Fu Championships on May 19 was held at Springers Leisure Centre in Keysborough.

Spirited competition from our opponents gave our younger students Tate, Maddy, Marcus, Blayze & Talin some great experience and some good life lessons. Resilience, patience, courage, self control, strategy, determination and above all good sportsmanship.

Blayze also represented us in the Wooden Dummy Form and did an excellent job to be awarded a first place trophy.

Congratulations to Bendigo’s Nick Denham on becoming 2019 Victorian Kung Fu Champion in the Open Age Under 80kg category and to James Areson for 2nd place.

The SANDA sparring rules are very much suited to our Wing Chun style and allow us to deploy sweeps, trips, throws and grappling to combat our opponent in a much more realistic fighting scenario than the karate tournaments.

My congratulations to everyone who competed on Sunday - it was a great day and I'm enormously proud of you all.

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