Level 10 Syllabus - Black Sash



  • 108 moves on a dummy (on a man)

  • Complete Chum Kieu 

  • Complete Biu Gee

Understanding of qigong and concepts from the system 

  • Explain the 5 stages of combat 

  • What does wooden dummy training teach 

  • What forces are you likely to encounter on contact 

  • What is hard qi gong - What is Qi - What is Shaolin hard qigong

Qi Sau Drills 

  • Blind folded static - cross arm/leg qi sao with random Pak sao 
    punch high/low 

  • Double arm qi sao random

  • Double arm qi sao random (blindfolded)



  • Defence against all punches and kicks

  • Straight/low/round/double round/jab spinning 


Entry Techniques 

  • Random punches and kicks

Defence against kicks 

  • Front kick/ side kick/ round house kick / spinning

Self defence 

  • Single arm hair grab

  • double hand hair grab

  • double shoulder 
    grab from the rear

  • rear choke

  • double arm push to the chest

  • pointed finger to the face


  • random forehand/ backhand/ jab to the belly 

  • Pre determined - overhead and jab to the face


  • random forehand/ backhand/ jab to the belly 

  • random overhead and jab to the face

  • advanced knife defences



  • in front to the face 

  • from behind - in front of and behind arm


Wooden Dummy 

  • Perform 108 movements on the Jong 


Children 6-14yo 
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       Thursday 5:45 pm - 6:45pm

Adults (15 and over)
       Monday  6:45pm - 8:00pm 

       Tuesday  6:45pm - 8:00pm 
       Thursday  6:45pm - 8:00pm


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