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Visit to Singapore Wing Tsun Training Centre

Our visit to Singapore Wing Tsun Training Centre was a wonderful opportunity to share training with Sifu Joel Lee and his students, who were most generous in sharing their knowledge. Wow, what a hot and humid City! We are very fortunate to live in Victoria’s Climate.

Sifu Joel Lee’s lineage stems from Leung Ting whom taught Tam Hun Fan. Tam Hun Fan’s brand of Wing Tsun is focused on developing softness, dissolving energy and borrowing energy. This lineage is very interesting as it was taught to Leung Ting during Yip Man’s final years alive in Hong Kong.

Sifu Lee style of wing chun produced different forms to our system. They also had different stances. Jee Shin Wing Chun has 50/50 stances where Sifu Lee’s students assumed a 60/40 stance with more weight on the back leg.

Our Lineage being Traditional Wing Chun has its roots with Leung Bik / Yip Man.

Our wing chun system has different forms, footwork and science, so it is fascinating to research other expressions of wing chun kung fu. Grandmaster Lo Man Kam also indicated that his Uncle Yip Man did train under Leung Bik. He stated that Yip Man had 3 teachers but only one Sifu, being Chan Wah Shun. The other 2 teachers were Leung Bik and Ng Chung So.

Wing Chun is classified as Soft, Soft and Hard and Hard. Traditional wing chun is Soft and Hard. It appears that Leung Tings expression of Wing Chun is Soft. Soft doesn’t indicate weakness. “Soft in training but very powerful in application”.

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