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KEEPING YOU SAFE from CoronaVirus while training Wing Chun ...

In the interests of keeping you, your children and family safe while we practice Wing Chun, we will be implementing the following measures to ensure the best possible health and safety while we continue our training in Wing Chun.

  • All students will be required to wash hands and forearms for 30 seconds with soap and water before coming into the training area. Liquid Soap will be available in the change rooms downstairs.

  • Hand Sanitiser will also be available in the training hall.

  • We will also be sanitizing the mats, gloves and pads after each training session with disinfectant and washing the mats weekly.

  • All students will be provided with a pair of 'Inner Gloves' which must be used when using our school boxing gloves.

  • All uniforms & inner gloves must be clean and washed after each session.

  • All students will be temperature tested prior to class

  • Parents will not be permitted to remain and watch class

  • Students from the childrens class must exit the building prior to entry by adult students

These are common sense precautions to minimize any potential health issues.

Exercise sensible, rational precautions and continue with your daily life, school, work and training Wing Chun.

If you are sick or feeling unwell of course, rest at home and recuperate, otherwise I look forward to seeing you on the mats …

Sifu Paul

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